JULY 17-23, 2022

The tuition for the camp is $595 and can be paid when you register online, here on the website.


Drum Camp is a week filled with intense learning, fun activities, and the making of new friends from throughout the west coast.

The focus of our 34rd Annual Camp will be rudimental drumming and front ensemble playing by choosing one track or the other. This is accomplished through a highly structured curriculum unlike that of any other percussion camp in the nation.

Mornings are spent in small groups working on the Rudiment Curriculum,  afternoons will be used for individual drumlins rehearsals (we generally have 6-7 drumlines and a front ensemble), and evenings bring fun activities like drum circles, rudiment contest and solo night.

Choose from either our BATTERY TRACK or our FRONT ENSEMBLE TRACK!

Battery Track

  • Study with our world-renowned drum line faculty
  • Snare, Quad, and Bass all welcome
  • All ability levels welcome

Front Ensemble Track

  • Study with our world-renowned mallet and front ensemble faculty
  • All ability levels welcome